WWE’s Brock Lesnar talks about meeting Muhammad Ali

Brock Lesnar has enjoyed incredible success in his career, whether in the Octagon for the cfu or as WWE Superstar in the ring.

Recently, he took to the big stage at Slam summerentertaining us all in his very first Last Man Standing match despite his busy career thus far, including huge moments that see him as one of the organization’s star attractions.

He arrived in the ring with a tractor which he used to his advantage during the match, but he couldn’t get the win against Roman reignswith The Tribal Chief retaining his undisputed WWE Universal Championship that we won almost two years ago now, what a reign it has been.

In 2016, the sports world was shocked by the death of the iconic boxer, Mohamed Ali. Many people have been inspired by the big man, especially those in combat sports.

The former heavyweight champion was battling Parkinson’s disease towards the end of his life, with his health declining over his final 15 years before sadly passing away.

Ali will always be remembered as an all-time great, with the outpouring of support and tributes to the great man after his death showing us how much he meant to so many.

LAS VEGAS, NV – JULY 9: Brock Lesnar prepares to fight Mark Hunt at the UFC 200 event at T-Mobile Arena on July 9, 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

One of them was Brock Lesnar, who when asked about Ali said: “I met Ali once and all I remember when I met him and shook his hand was that he never spoke, at that time, Parkinson’s disease, the disease had taken over.

“But, I just remember when he reached out his hand and he didn’t have to say anything to me, it was just, not a weird vibe, it was such a gracious handshake and it was just very, I can’t even put a word to it.

“So I felt something powerful from the man. I watched pretty much all of his fights, I met him once and he never said a word to me but I did. felt his presence and his power.

“So it was impactful for sure, here’s a guy who’s a boxer who sells tickets, walks the walk and talks the talk. He set the stage, it’s big business, you have to be flashy at the outside and flashy inside.

“It’s a tragedy, my heart goes out to the family, living with Parkinson’s for so many years, very difficult, it’s just a battle in itself, forget what a great champion he was, the man has had to live with Parkinson’s disease for how many years – that’s an achievement in itself.

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