YouTube star Jake Paul makes progress changing the rules of women’s boxing

The social media star turned boxer has been a strong advocate for equal pay in women’s boxing and will co-promote the biggest women’s fight in history on April 30.

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Social media sensation and undefeated boxer Jake Paul is making progress in his efforts to move women’s boxing bouts to three-minute rounds.

The YouTuber-turned-fighter is 5-0 as a professional and is now dipping his toes in the water as a promoter alongside Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn for the Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano fight next month.

And he and Serrano, who are the base of fighters for his “most valuable promotions,” pushed for the April 30 bout to be changed to a 12-round, three-minute fight, as is customary for fights for the male title.

The legendary fighters will face off over 10 two-minute rounds, which is standard for women’s bouts, but Paul and Serrano are keen to move forward with the introduction of new round lengths.

“Great meeting with Mauricio Sulaiman [the president of the World Boxing Council]”, Paul tweeted yesterday. “WBC has some exciting things planned for Taylor against Serrano.

Jake Paul is a strong advocate for women’s boxing

“We also discussed a path forward to bring women’s boxing to equal rounds and minutes as men’s. More to come…”

And Sulaiman seemed receptive to what Paul was offering at the meeting, telling the 24-year-old he supported him in his efforts to improve women’s sport.

The WBC is one of boxing’s four major governing bodies and will have its belt on the line as one of the titles in the undisputed lightweight title fight between Serrano and Taylor.

“The WBC and I have great respect for you and will support your efforts my good friend,” Sulaiman told Paul in response to his tweet. “Let’s get to work.”

Paul and Serrano both made their interests public in three-minute rounds for the Taylor fight at a press conference in London last month.

But Hearn and Taylor had already agreed to a contract that stipulated 10 two-minute rounds and were unwilling to change the rules at the last minute.

Would you like to see women’s boxing matches go to 12 three-minute rounds? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

“The struggle was real,” Serrano said on the second leg of their media tour. “I’m super excited and happy to be able to see some light at the end of the tunnel with this fight with Katie Taylor – we’re making history.

“I am a woman for equality. If Katie Taylor is willing, I’m ready and willing to do those 12 three-minute rounds.

“If we want to change… [Let’s do] like men. »

And Paul admitted he was unhappy that Taylor refused the suggestion, telling the media after the event that he felt it indicated a fear of Serrano.

“I was a little disappointed with Katie Taylor’s response because it looked like she just didn’t want to do it,” he said.

“She definitely doesn’t want to do it. So what does this mean on the combat side of things? I’ve said before that I’m a little scared of Katie and I really am.

“I sincerely say this so as not to offend anyone. I really feel the fear and this answer reinforces my statement.

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